Organising committee

Truls Leegaard

Meetings president

Consultant Microbiologist, Akershus University Hospital and Associate Professor, University of Oslo

My research interest is translational research into various clinical pictures, with respiratory infections becoming more a more a focus. I also try to participate in research trying to implement next generation sequencing in tomorrow’s diagnostics.

Kirsten Gravningen


Senior Consultant in Infection Control, Akershus University Hospital.
Associate professor, University of Oslo.

My main research interests are in the fields of infection prevention & control (IPC), effect of IPC measures, infection surveillance, infectious disease epidemiology, outbreaks, antibiotic stewardship and healthcare personnel behaviour.

Heidi Espvik

Senior consultant at the Department of microbiology and infection prevention, Akershus University Hospital, coordinator for the hospitals Antimicrobial Stewardship program.

My research interest are mainly in the scientific field of antimicrobial stewardship and One Health-perspectives, especially AMR and wastewater. I am also a member of the national expert committee responsible for the Norwegian national antibiotic treatment guidelines on endocarditis and gastro-enteric infections.

Olav Dalgard

Consultant Infectious Diseases, Akershus University Hospital. Professor, University of Oslo

My research interests are hepatitis (B and C) and infections in drug users.

Jan Erik Berdal


Head of department, infectious diseases. Associate professor, University of Oslo. 

My research interests are airway infections, infections in the ICU and orthopedic infections.

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Organising committee

Truls Leegaard
+47-906 46 265

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Elin Rudérus
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